Web Content for Cyto-Matrix, a Natural Health Care Products Company

As an emphasis on healthcare continues to grow, so too does the natural health product industry. With so many products to choose from, doctors and patients are often left scratching their heads and uncertain as to which brand is best for them? In the last decade, Cyto-Matrix has separated itself from the rest of the market. Our quality of ingredients and high ethical standards have gained the trust of health care providers nationwide.

Founded on the core principals of integrity, purity, transparency and innovation, Cyto-Matrix has retained the loyalty of its original customers. Using only the highest quality of raw materials, doctors and patients can be assured that all of Cyto-Matrix’s products are free of impurities. Absolutely no excipients or binding agents that often cause allergic reactions are used in the manufacturing process. And only vegetable source is utilized to create our capsules.

We believe in innovation through constant research and scientific evidence. This allows us to target specific health issues rather than design a product solely for the purpose of mass market. All of our products are exclusively distributed through licensed health care providers. This ensures that patients receive the most appropriate formulation at the correct dosage based on diagnosis and personal health history.

Here at Cyto-Matrix we stand behind our word. All of our products have clinically proven tolerability with sensitive patients. Our mission is to grow in partnership with you as we strive to be the most trusted natural health products company in North America. Just as your patients are unique, so are our products and our approach to the way we treat our customers. Cyto-Matrix recognizes the same trust patients invest in their health care providers–they invest in us.


Short Form Marketing for Lumedx Cardiovascular Information Systems

As a Cardiovascular Service Line Leader, you need real-time, actionable information to understand and improve your facility’s performance. But often you’re faced with an overload of information that’s difficult to access and interpret.

The solution is HealthView Analytics from Lumedx. For nearly 25 years, Lumedx has been developing cardiovascular information systems that help over 700 heart centers worldwide achieve excellence. Our HealthView Analytics software suite provides integrated financial, clinical, and operational information for at-a-glance performance tracking and detailed analysis. With dashboard views and drill-down capabilities, you can easily access near-real-time data to determine what’s driving performance variations at your heart center.

Featuring complementary tools, Dashboards and Analytics Manager Reports, HealthView Analytics translates complex data into actionable information. The Dashboards allow you to monitor revenue and cost trends, while Analytics Manager is a data-mining tool delivering detailed reports, including registry statistics, and ad hoc querying. By monitoring both financial and clinical information, you’re better positioned to manage all aspects of your business — from revenue and referral trends to Core Measures.

Lumedx is the number-one independent provider of ACC and STS registry software, and offers over 130 interfaces connecting your clinical systems, devices, and enterprise EMR’s. HealthView Analytics leverages our expertise in reporting and integration, giving you the data you need when and how you need it.

The director of Cardiac Services at St. Peter’s Healthcare in Albany, New York, had this to say, “I can easily tell what we did today and how we did today. We have a near hour-by-hour display of our data, which means we can track our performance at any time—it’s a manager’s dream.”

Visit us on the web today at http://lumedx.com or call 1.800.966.0699 to learn more about how we can help you improve patient care, minimize risk, maximize revenue, and build a better CV business.


Short, Comical Piece for a Client in the Textile Industry

As many of you are aware the beaver pelt trade has been under relentless attack in recent centuries by the cotton industry. A strong marketing effort has fooled many into believing that cotton is  “the fabric of our lives.” Combined with low cost labor and perhaps the most damning of all, unending financial contributions to politicians in Washington, these forces are proving themselves insurmountable to those of us who have provided not only this nation but our global neighbors with the finest hats the world has ever known. Our way of life as pioneers, trackers and trappers is threatened and will cease to exist should we allow the moneyed pockets of the cotton industry to rewrite legislation effectively murdering our economic lives and relegating beaver trappers to the pages of our history books. For centuries now beaver has set the standard in stylish head wear and contributed to some of the greatest movements in fashion. Where would the great style houses of Paris, New York, London and Milan be today without the material that has continually revolutionized and perpetuated the growth of the fashion industry? And where would they be without the brave trappers who have supplied them with beaver pelt for the past six hundred years? I urge you all to take two minutes out of your busy lives and visit www.beaverhautecouture.com to sign a petition that will help us halt and ultimately defeat the insidious cotton movement so determined to breach the dams of our forged tradition. And not just any tradition, an American tradition!

Voice Over Script for Tilton Pacific Construction

One of the greatest challenges when beginning any construction project is knowing who to trust. A competitively priced bid doesn’t always translate into quality work. And all too often budgets are exceeded and time frames ignored.

Since 1989, Tilton Pacific Construction has focused on commercial projects of all types and sizes. Over the years the long lasting relationships we’ve developed have allowed us to grow. By treating our clients as an extension of ourselves, together with our attention to detail and quality construction, we’ve become one of the Pacific Coast’s most respected general contractors.

At Tilton Pacific, we’ve learned over the years that involving ourselves early in a project is paramount for its success. In the past 23 years we’ve built and remodeled everything from retail centers and grocery stores to restaurants and auto dealerships. This experience, along with our in-house estimating professionals and database of past projects, ensures you’ll receive the most competitive and accurate price.

Tilton Pacific works in collaboration with their clients to provide them with detailed scheduling information. With us, there are no costly surprises. Our goal is to deliver a quality project on time and budget as promised. Bryan [v/o- BRIAN] Marconett [v/o- MARCO net] of Grocery outlet stated that he “found Tilton Pacific Construction to be staffed with hard working, honest, highly skilled people.” And with 8 LEED [v/o- LEAD] accredited professionals on staff we’re constantly providing Green Building strategies to meet our client’s sustainability goals.

We realize that planning equals success. Here at Tilton Pacific we’re focused on creating value beyond building and minimizing our impact on the environment. Visit us on the web at http://tiltonpacific.com or call 916.630.7200 and for your next construction project, come build a foundation with us.

Creative Writing Piece, A Clown Walks into a Bar-

  1. Interior of a Bar- Morning

The door pushes open exposing a dimly lit, depressingly silent bar. Several men sit around the bar looking down at their drinks and the ashtrays in front of them as though they’re contemplating their wasted lives and how much longer they have until they’re finally put out of their misery. The bar is shaped like a horse track. The door opens and the camera focuses on big red shoes walking. The shoes pass and a figure of a man dressed in a peculiar outfit comes into view. He sits down at the bar on the opposite side of the room from the door. There is a seat between him and another man who looks at the new patron as though he were annoyed. The new patron is in a clown outfit with a little makeup still behind the ears.


“What the fuck are you supposed to be?”


“A clown.”


“Yeah you look it. You go to school for that?”


“I did.”


“Your parents must be proud.”


“It’s been a long time.”


“It’s been a long time since what?”


“It’s been a long time since I’ve spoken with them.”


“Imagine that. So what’s it like?”


“So what’s what like?”


“A grown man living as a clown.”


“I washed the paint off.”


“Most of it—what about the outfit?”


“There’s a certain appearance required of me.”


“So you wash the makeup off your face when you’re done with the job but you keep the clown outfit on when you walk into a bar so  no one mistakes you?”


“Mistake me for what?”


“You tell me.”


“It’s 10:30 in the morning on a Monday, you think I’m the only one in here who’s a clown?”


“What’s that supposed to mean?”


“You tell me.”

Short Form Marketing Copy for PlanPrescriber.com

The complexity of choosing a Medicare plan often leaves people feeling overwhelmed and confused. Plans vary by state and even by zip code. Furthermore, you need to go through a private insurance company for Medicare Advantage, Medicare Part D, or Medicare Supplement coverage. So how do you begin to make a decision when you’re not even sure where to start your research?

At PlanPrescriber, we provide an easy to use online tool to compare Medicare plans objectively at no cost to you. Since the website’s release, we have served over three million people and have identified over two billion dollars in available savings.

PlanPrescriber.com was developed with ease of use and transparency as our top priorities. The website allows you to easily perform side-by-side comparisons of plans, premiums, and limitations on your drugs such as drug quantity limits and prior authorization requests. In the interest of customer advocacy, we display plans available in your area and calculate estimated out-of-pocket costs for drugs alongside monthly premiums.

By simply entering your zip code, PlanPrescriber displays Medicare plans in your area. Enter your drugs and see estimated annual savings. You can even save Medicare plan comparisons for later reference.

Carol O. of Wisconsin had this to say about us: “PlanPrescriber was extremely helpful in finding me the best Medicare part D plan for my insurance needs. This insurance provided the lowest monthly premium with no co-pay for the 5 drugs I take daily.”

And, if ever you feel the need to speak with someone, partnered licensed agents can answer your questions or assist with enrollments. Just call 888-312-8143. TTY users can call 711.

Visit http://www.PlanPrescriber.com and learn how we can help simplify your Medicare decisions.

A speech celebrating Don O’Bannon’s time as Board Chair of the Airport Minority Advisory Council

As board chair of the Airport Minority Advisory Council, Don O’Bannon continued a strong tradition of remarkable leaders. Throughout his professional career he has fought for a level playing field and strived to create greater opportunities for minority, small, and women-owned businesses in the aviation industry.

Don’s style of leadership emphasized inclusiveness and encouraged broad participation. His welcoming spirit inspired many to get involved and contribute to furthering AMAC’s [v/o- A-MAC’s] growing national influence.

During his time as National Chairman, AMAC has made tremendous strides. Under his selfless guidance, Don worked tirelessly to educate airport commissioners, directors and legislators on how diversity in airport employment and contracting enables entire communities to benefit. As a result, the membership base grew significantly. His commitment to building lasting relationships proved instrumental in organizing the testimony of AMAC members on Capitol Hill. It was his passion, ability and willingness to lead that brought the reality of discrimination against DBE [v/o- D.B.E.] suppliers directly to congress, and ultimately challenged them to pass minority inclusive directives and policy. Through his direction and with the support he rallied, AMAC witnessed the implementation of AMAC’s National DBE database. This dedication has helped to increase the exposure of AMAC members and thousands of DBEs with the goal of procuring a greater number of federally funded contracts.

Don’s thoughtful nature helped to not only gain national influence but played a significant role in the growth of AMAC’s membership. And this growth and influence just may be the greatest testament to his time as national chairman. Throughout his tenure as chair Don was accessible to everyone. He shared his knowledge and insight with anyone who came calling. What defines him as a leader and more importantly as a man, is his unwavering attention to other people and his devotion to helping them live better lives. Thank you Don for everything you’ve shared with us. We appreciate your leadership and wish you well.

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