Short Form Marketing for Lumedx Cardiovascular Information Systems

As a Cardiovascular Service Line Leader, you need real-time, actionable information to understand and improve your facility’s performance. But often you’re faced with an overload of information that’s difficult to access and interpret.

The solution is HealthView Analytics from Lumedx. For nearly 25 years, Lumedx has been developing cardiovascular information systems that help over 700 heart centers worldwide achieve excellence. Our HealthView Analytics software suite provides integrated financial, clinical, and operational information for at-a-glance performance tracking and detailed analysis. With dashboard views and drill-down capabilities, you can easily access near-real-time data to determine what’s driving performance variations at your heart center.

Featuring complementary tools, Dashboards and Analytics Manager Reports, HealthView Analytics translates complex data into actionable information. The Dashboards allow you to monitor revenue and cost trends, while Analytics Manager is a data-mining tool delivering detailed reports, including registry statistics, and ad hoc querying. By monitoring both financial and clinical information, you’re better positioned to manage all aspects of your business — from revenue and referral trends to Core Measures.

Lumedx is the number-one independent provider of ACC and STS registry software, and offers over 130 interfaces connecting your clinical systems, devices, and enterprise EMR’s. HealthView Analytics leverages our expertise in reporting and integration, giving you the data you need when and how you need it.

The director of Cardiac Services at St. Peter’s Healthcare in Albany, New York, had this to say, “I can easily tell what we did today and how we did today. We have a near hour-by-hour display of our data, which means we can track our performance at any time—it’s a manager’s dream.”

Visit us on the web today at or call 1.800.966.0699 to learn more about how we can help you improve patient care, minimize risk, maximize revenue, and build a better CV business.



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