Short, Comical Piece for a Client in the Textile Industry

As many of you are aware the beaver pelt trade has been under relentless attack in recent centuries by the cotton industry. A strong marketing effort has fooled many into believing that cotton is  “the fabric of our lives.” Combined with low cost labor and perhaps the most damning of all, unending financial contributions to politicians in Washington, these forces are proving themselves insurmountable to those of us who have provided not only this nation but our global neighbors with the finest hats the world has ever known. Our way of life as pioneers, trackers and trappers is threatened and will cease to exist should we allow the moneyed pockets of the cotton industry to rewrite legislation effectively murdering our economic lives and relegating beaver trappers to the pages of our history books. For centuries now beaver has set the standard in stylish head wear and contributed to some of the greatest movements in fashion. Where would the great style houses of Paris, New York, London and Milan be today without the material that has continually revolutionized and perpetuated the growth of the fashion industry? And where would they be without the brave trappers who have supplied them with beaver pelt for the past six hundred years? I urge you all to take two minutes out of your busy lives and visit to sign a petition that will help us halt and ultimately defeat the insidious cotton movement so determined to breach the dams of our forged tradition. And not just any tradition, an American tradition!


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